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Phone Booster is the best Booster and Cooler app because it uses the best way for closing apps (Closing by Force Stop), unlike any other Booster app.

Phone Booster can help you to install many applications, without being worry about any problem!

Use of Phone Booster is very easy because Phone Booster has only 3 buttons!

The appearance of Phone Booster is very simple and attractive and doesn't have any confusing feature, unlike any other Booster.

Phone Booster key features details:

🚀 Speed Booster: Speed up your phone.

❄️ CPU Cooler: Cool down your CPU temperature.

🔥 Ram Cleaner: Clean up RAM memory.

🚀 Boost: Boost your games and other apps by freeing up RAM.

🔧 Optimize: can optimize CPU & RAM.

⭐ Phone Booster app is lightweight.

⭐ Anti lag and overheat CPU.

⭐ Phone Booster uses the best way for Closing apps.

⭐ Play game faster and with no lag.

⭐ Smoother Game.

⭐ Extend battery & CPU life.

⭐ Raise the speed of charging.

⭐Easy to use.


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