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This app is designed to improve target accuracy when playing any FPS game on your phone. It also helps people with low vision to play FPS games by adding a custom cross of a larger size.


* This custom range generator supports all popular shooting games to change the game's default cross-shaped design. Use this free cross changer app to improve your aiming and shooting skills.

* Create crosshairs on weapons or guns even if they're not available by default. p>

* Choose from a diverse collection of cross-shaped designs to add overlay to your shooting FPS games, making your shot targets accurate & accurate. much more accurate.

* Fully customizable size, color and transparency.

* Cross adjustable anytime anywhere on screen .

* Along with our Classic collection we have free Pro Cross cars.


* Become a professional sniper with this best free aiming helper.

* Improve overall accuracy.

* Use OP weapons without scope.

* Dominate the battlefield


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