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If you have a high-speed Internet connection but find that your browsing speed isn't everything, your problem may be in the DNS. By optimizing your device's DNS records, you can find the fastest routes for your data packets to take as you travel across the Internet. Net Optimizer, you can find the fastest DNS server and connect to it with just one touch! So your browsing speed and gaming experience (ping and latency) can be improved. (But you should keep in mind that DNS settings will not affect your internet download/upload speed but response time)

-One tap to find and connect the fastest DNS server to optimize your connection.
-Automatically detect connection changes and optimize the network.
- Manually scan all DNS servers with one tap to see all the details yourself.
- Works for both mobile data (3G / 4G / 5G) and WiFi connection.

Results: Test results show a 132.1% improvement from using Google's DNS servers compared to using the original DNS servers, but in real-world usage it might not be much faster. However, this one tweak can make you finally feel like you have a fast connection to the Internet!


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