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F1 VM (means "five one virtual machine"), Android virtual system on mobile devices, also known as Android Virtual Machine (referred to as VM, namely virtual machine, similar software on PC likes VMWare, VirtualBox). Even when F1 VM run into the background, the games and applications running in the F1 VM can continue to run in a small window(Picture-in-picture mode). F1 VM can also run on screenoff!
[Split screen small window]
Support games/applications running in the background, one-click split screen small windows, turn any Apps into floating apps. Watching movies/chat/games/work and life are being balance.
[Android 7.1 system]
F1 VM virtual Android 7.1 system, not restricted by mobile phone system. Even mobile phones with 5.1 system can run F1 VM with built-in 7.1 system. [Security Privacy Protection]
The F1 VM is a virtual environment that isolate from your mobile phone system. The installation of rogue software in the F1 VM will not affect your mobile phone. There is no need to worry about the risk of viruses and system crashes, and it will not leak the your mobile phone information.

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