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Features of All-In-One Toolbox
- Intuitive: Simple and clear user interface design and quickly optimize the system.
- Thorough: Thoroughly and scan all junk files (cache, leftover files, temporary files etc.) and clean them with just one touch.
Flexible: 29 tools in one package to speed up your system and extend battery life.
Multi-language: Supports 31 languages, easy and user-friendly.
- Agility: Small capacity and no background service, consuming less memory and battery.

29+ tools available in All-In-One Toolbox System, all essential for you an easy way and great Android experience.
* Automatic task plug-in plug-in: clear cache and junk files, silent mode, airplane mode and wifi management at set intervals automatically
* Plug-in Compass: give you direction when you get disoriented
* Flashlight: light up your surroundings when it's dark
* QR and barcode scan: quick scan and gather information
* Game booster: game booster give you more fun
* Quick setup: provides easy access
* Volume setting: provides one-click volume setting
* Uninstall system apps
* Move apps to memory card
* Batch Install / Uninstall
* Compress and unzip zip
* Backup and Restore
* And there are many ...

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