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Internet Speed Up & Optimizer 3G,4G,5G,Wifi is intended to improve your browsing experience on the Internet. Your Internet speed is determined by your ISP and we can not change that.

but there are many other factors that can affect how your device benefits from this speed.

Whether your device is rooted or not, or if you have a WiFi or mobile data connection (2G, 3G, 4G LTE, 5G), we perform a series of automated tasks to speed up Internet speed and performance browser. Pausing secondary processes.

Features and benefits:

• Faster Internet browsing: your navigation will be twice as fast.
• Adjust average parallel connections to optimize Internet speed.
• Speed Booster is an excellent free application to optimize your Internet connection.
• One click Internet Speed Up will automatically analyze your network to optimize your wifi, 3G ,4G ,5G connection and your stability.

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