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Deep is an one stop solution to manage and improve your phone speed & performance, save battery life and clear larger files, junk files or cache memory.

*App features :

1. Junk cleaner
- Find & Show all the junk files on your phone.
- One tap to clear all your junk files for faster performance of your phone.

2. Phone booster
- See all the apps running in the background.
- Check the apps using unwanted space and memory.
- Stop or close the apps running in the background and boost your phone performance.

3. CPU cooler
- Check and find the apps that uses High CPU consumption.
- One click to close those apps with high usage of CPU consumption. It will make your mobile phone smooth and faster performance.

4. Notification manager
- View and clear all your notification.
- Also manage notification of apps that you want and don't want.

5. Large file
- Get complete of large files that is occupying your maximum memory space.
- Choose to remove all large files or select individually multiple files that you want delete for extra memory space.

6. Cache cleaner
- View and clear all your cache files in a single click. It will boost mobile performance and clear memory.

7. Device info
- Get full details of your device information.
- Device information like - Phone Storage Details, CPU info, Total and available RAM info, Screen display information and resolution details, also get complete Operating System Information.

Deep Booster is an easy to use use app that will help you manage your device memory, save battery life and boost phone performance. This app will make your phone to clear out unwanted files and boost your phone performance.

*App Permissions :
1) Overlay permission - this permission require Draw Over the Other Apps Permission to apply changes.
2) Accessibility Permission - this permission require Accessibility Service permission to Boost your device.
3) Notification permission -this permission notification access for clear all notification
4) Storage permission -this permission for getting junked file and large file.

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